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Feels Like Summer at Tiina the Store >

by Tiina Laakkonen

Feels like summer in Amagansett! We're ready for our favorite season and a cool new attitude in white. Visit our store or shop online to see the many variations of this classic summer color by our favorite designers.
It doesn't get cooler than Toogood's Shepherd Top and Long Boxer Trouser in crisp cotton.
Visit us at our Amagansett store or shop online at

Mother's Day Gift Guide >

by Tiina Laakkonen

posted in: giftguide

We are celebrating our mothers and want to show our love and gratitude by spoiling them in every way possible. We've selected some of our favorite things to give and receive. The perfect something for all mothers! 

We're happy to help you spoil the mothers in your life!  

Visit us at our store in Amagansett or shop online at

Suzusan at Tiina the Store >

by Rebecca Engel

Suzusan is the latest addition to Tiina the Store. Designer Hirouki Murase has taken the family business of traditional Japanese shibori dyeing, a craft that has seen a decline over the past few decades, and given it new life. His family has been refining the shibori technique for over 100 years, and now Murase is combining his respect for the past with his vision for the future.
 “I used to think there were 4 elements to creating something. The first being skill, then knowledge, experience and finally a sense of beauty. Not until later in life did I realize there was a fifth element: “love”. – Hirouki Murase
Visit us in Amagansett to see these beautiful pieces in person, or shop online at

Navy at Tiina the Store >

by Tiina Laakkonen

Navy Blue has become the foundation of our wardrobe. We love it in different shades of marine, midnight and indigo. Spring is the perfect season to wear it and we have a great selection of easy boyish tailoring as well as more feminine shapes with interesting volume.
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