Winter is here, and what better way to fight the winter blues than to pamper yourself with an at home luxury spa day. We’ve designed the ultimate treatment to help fight the chilly air, short days, and dry skin of winter.
Set the mood with soft lighting. We love a candle, choose a scent that calms or energizes based on your needs. Warm your bones with a hot bath, using Susanne Kaufmann’s soothing bath oil. Breathe in the wonderful scent as the oil moisturizes your skin.
Remember to hydrate! A fun tip: add fresh herbs or fruit to your water. Imagine a beautiful Iittala Kartio pitcher with sprigs of fresh thyme floating in it.
For the full treatment, choose from Susanne Kauffman’s body butter or Rodin’s body oil to lock in moisture after your bath.
When you’ve finished your beauty treatment, slide into a dosa Kymber Slip, the lightweight fabric will feel amazing against your silky soft skin! And for the ultimate luxury, wrap yourself in a cashmere blanket. The Elder Stateman’s Z Blanket is a beautiful choice.
Tiina’s Tip: End your spa day by cuddling with your soft, cozy kitty. Let’s not forget, cats like cashmere too!