Packing for Your Warm Weather Getaway

The first winter storm has hit the East Coast and the snow looks like it’s here to stay. This has us dreaming of warmer climates and escaping to sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Here are our packing tips for your warm weather getaway.
Choosing a color story will help keep your suitcase from over flowing, and take the thinking out of getting dressed once you’ve arrived. Who wants to think when they're on vacation? Build your story around a favorite pair of sandals and choose accessories that match. We love pairing Ancient Greek Sandals with Maria Rudman leather bracelets in matching shades.
It’s all about layers. Lightweight dresses and skirts are perfect for the beach and to throw on over a bathing suit. We love all things Dosa when packing for beachy getaways, their Susan Slip or Ruffle Skirt can take you from beach, to boardwalk, to cocktails. When the evening breeze begins to cool down the tropical air, be ready with a Salvotore Piccolo cotton shirt, Dosa Tunic top, or a Denis Colomb poncho. All are perfect items for layering over your beach day look.
Protect yourself from the sun! While we love to soak up the rays and the vitamin D, make sure to have sunblock and a hat by your side to protect from sun damage. Scha straw hats are a stylish way to shade your face from the sun. Susanne Kaufmann makes a lovely, lightweight suncreen. Keep skin from losing moisture while giving it a lovely summer glow with Susanne Kaufmann’s body butter or Rodin’s body oil. Dosa’s spring collection includes portfolio and utility cases in lovely speckled shades of grey to hold all your beauty essentials.
Packing for the whole family. Makie’s spring collection will have your kids looking cute in mismatched stripes. Let your kids have fun and play hard in these durable, easy to wash cottons. To ensure that travel time is smooth sailing, make sure to pack items that keep your kids occupied. We love Dosa’s hand sewn, stuffed animals. Moomin is one our favorite children’s books.
Start planning your sunny getaway and find all the perfect warm weather items at Happy Packing!