1.61 - The Last Magazine

New York clothing label, 1.61 has been gaining momentum in store and in the press.
Designers Kimberly Wesson and Aimee Cho have been creating the line for the past two years with inspiration coming from things like military uniforms,
post-punk Northern England, Joy Division and Brutalist architecture.
They have a direct hand in the whole process, from dyeing to construction, all done in New York. 
The ultimate 1.61 'uniform' we've found is in pairing like- colored shirts with the woven pants, in color combos like olive, white, black ox, indigo and navy.  The full 'suit' is stunning on men & women alike.
See more about 1.61 in The Last Magazine, in an article by Laura Bannister.
Photo by Jeff Henrikson.
1.61 is available at Tiina the Store as well!