Summer has arrived, inviting us to open our windows, let in the clean air and add some fresh redecorating to our homes. TIINA the STORE has several tips and amazing pieces for sprucing up your home this summer season. Whether you choose to eat inside or out, let your table setting be inspired by summer’s lighter and fresher mood. The combination of Toogood’s Indigo Storm dinner plates with Iittala’s Teema collection in white is clean and fresh. We love how a bouquet of wild flowers looks in Iittala's clear glass Aalto vases or Aarikkas ceramic flower vases. Even better are the matching cake trays, perfect for a cake garnished with farmer’s market berries. Complete the setting with linen napkins and a table runner or tablecloth. Marrimekkos graphic tablecloth is a bold backdrop for your table setting.
Replace wool cushions with lightweight cotton versions in soft colors and patterns. Marimekko pillows in graphic black and white prints look lovely when layered in mixed patterns. Luxurious cashmere blankets by The Elder Statesman and Denis Colomb reflect summer's beautiful shades of blue. Lena Rewell's mohair blanket in Ocean Blue is a particular favorite in Amagansett.
Bring elements from the outdoors in. Woven palm baskets by dosa come in all shapes and sizes and can be used as attractive storage units. Clara Llano's hand woven baskets in cream and indigo patterns are perfect for holding beach towels and pool toys. dosa has made beautiful pillows in vintage Asian and African fabrics, all in varying textures and shades of indigo. 
We’re so excited about the new sheepskin throws from Povl Kjaer. Light and fluffy, in shades of silver, grey and black, these luxurious pieces look lovely thrown over an Artek Crinolette chair. Perfect for a breezy summer evening. Tikau rugs in graphic woven patterns add a natural yet modern element to any room. 
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