Tapio Wirkkala - 100 years

This week marked would would be the 100th birthday of Tapio Wirkkala.
In honor we wanted to highlight some of the Finnish designers greatest designs,
since some are available from Iittala at TIINA the STORE.
Born in Hanko, a coastal town in Finland in 1915,
Wirkkala became a legendary Finnish designer & craftsman,
putting his mark on everything from currency, to glass design, furniture, graphic design, and much more.
Like many designers that come from Finland,
Wirkkala was inspired by nature and spent much of his time in solitude
in the Finnish woods & countryside working on his designs.
Wirkkala is most famous for his glass works and in his lifetime created almost 400 designs in glass.
For instance, the Ultima Thule range was designed in 1968.
It was designed after melting ice that happens in Finland when Spring first arrives.
Wirkkala bottle series was designed between 1959-1968.
Iittala has reissued a limited edition of the bottles.  They can be used as vases, carafes or simply as a decorative element.
The Ovalis Vases were designed in 1958.
The elegant oval shape highlights the optical elements of the glass.
It comes in a gradient of grey to clear.