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VISVIM - A Japanese Designer With a Rugged Western Aesthetic

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A Japanese Designer With a Rugged Western Aesthetic


Hiroki Nakamura, the founder of cult workwear favorite Visvim, lives the vintage life — carefully curated yet casually scuffed. 
Inspired by the rugged narrative of the old West, the earthiness of Native American crafts, the simplicity of Zen and the utilitarian beauty of old combat gear. And if it all seems to blend together, a graceful tumble of cultures, that’s precisely the point.
Nakamura, sticks to a labor-intensive process involving small workshops throughout the world producing items of extraordinary beauty and permanence. “With patchwork, I can feel the character of the person
who made it.”
For more of Visvim's handmade and vintage inspired items visit our Amagansett store or shop online at

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