December 2015 - dosa's Holiday Installation at TIINA the STORE
We are thrilled to welcome Christina Kim, artist and founder of dosa to create our holiday installation. The result is a magical room full of unique artisanal products in shades of silver and grays. Come and experience dosa’s version of the holidays at the Flinstones!
There are so many beautiful elements of this installation that highlight dosa’s talented team of artisans around the world.
An exquisite piece of wall art has been created from 1,650 handmade hearts, strung from ceiling to floor. Each heart is hand made from repurposed fabric from dosa’s clothing line and covered in holographic sequins. The wall of hearts sparkles and reflects the lights hanging in the windows.
Pillows were naturally dyed in a pattern meant to emulate stone and concrete surfaces. When the pillows are stacked the end result looks like rock piles. Sitting on top of these cushioned rock towers are handmade cotton animals. A yogi monkey sits in meditation at the center of it all. Let’s not forget about the clothing! dosa’s signature easy tunics, drawstring pants and slip dresses have been reinvented in hand dyed silks. The combination of soft, naturally dyed fabrics, in textured patterns with the metallic sparkling hearts, creates a warm and soothing environment in our lovely store.
We had the chance to ask Cristina for her thoughts on the installation and hear her favorite part about the Holidays.
TTS: You have become famous for your installations and are very much in demand to create them all over the world. What inspires you while creating them?
CK: So many of my installations stem from our recycling projects at dosa. Single items can sometimes be cute or tchotchke like, but when shown in multiples they are not only visually more interesting but the similarities & differences create an energy that becomes more dynamic.
TTS: We love the unique, magical environment you’ve created for us with the pebble pillows, the heart garland and the animals. Tell us more about them.
CK: Our 2016 spring line is based on the Flintstones cartoon, so I wanted to create my version of the holidays at the Flinstones.
TTS: What is your favorite thing about the holidays?
CK: I love decorating Christmas trees.
The installation also focuses on the environmental impact inevitably linked to fabric and fashion production. Each heart is made of fabric scraps from dosa’s fashion collections, reducing the amount of waste associated with clothing production. The production, of the hearts creates jobs for a small group of women outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. Learn more about the symbolism and making of the hearts here:
To hear the story of the dyeing process behind Dosa’s Pebble collection gives a whole new appreciation for the thoughtful time that goes into each piece. Flowers are collected from Hindu temples in Mumbai, these flowers are offered daily in devotional prayer. Rather than throw the flowers away, they are used to naturally dye fabric in a splattered pattern. Find out more about this labor intensive, waste reducing dyeing process here: