Arthur Elgort - Ballet Book Signing 

We are delighted to welcome Photographer Arthur Elgort back to TIINA the STORE, for a signing of his latest book – Ballet.

Following on from the successful book signing we held last year to celebrate his book I love...Please join us in the celebration of Arthur's latest publication Ballet. A hardback clothbound book celebrating Arthur's true love.

In this new collection of photographs Elgort pays homage to his first love and eternal muse. While glimpsing ballet through the lens of this master of modern photography we are taken not to the front of the stage but behind the scenes, where the work is done.

On this journey through the hallways and rehearsal spaces of some of the world’s most distinguished ballet schools like NYCB and Vaganova Academy, we are shown previously unpublished images of legends like Balanchine, Baryshnikov, Lopatkina and others. The perfection of the prima ballerina is wiped away in these quiet photographs and the viewer is able to see the natural glamour of each dancer as they work to perfect their craft. Elgort’s snap shot style allows the pain and pleasure of one of the worlds most beloved forms of expressive dance to be shown, with beauty.

“From the first day I worked with Arthur I realized his prism is dance. He took its languid, exuberant perfection as his inspiration when he found himself a young turk in fashion photography. It has to this day served as his anchor. The discipline, the way the normally smurfy girls rise to exotic attraction when on stage he applied to every girl he was asked to photograph. Mix that with a healthy dose of how these ballerinas behaved off stage, still ingrained with that certain class of movement, and one can see the core of Arthur's status of one of the foremost photographers of the last forty years.”

Christiaan Houtenbos, Hair Stylist