Beach Day Wardrobe

Hot summer days are here, and the heat has us craving easy, relaxing days by the shore. We’ve prepared the perfect beach outfits so you don’t have to think about it, just grab your beach bag and head out!
Dosa’s light and lovely Loose Chemise dress is perfect for layering over you bathing suit. Liwan’s Croise Sandal is an easy slip on, with beautiful metallic detailing that reflects the summer light. Beautiful handmade hats by Clara Llano shade your face from the sun's harmful rays. If you're brave enough to test the Atlantic’s chilly waters, then you’ll want a warm layer, The Elder Statesman has you covered! The soft cashmere of Simple Cardigan will feel lovely against your skin. It all fits perfectly into Dosa’s palm basket!
We love denim at the beach. Salvatore Piccolo’s soft denim shirts are the perfect cover up, especially when paired with Ancient Greek Sandal’s frayed edge Denim Thais Sandal. Dosa’s New Nimes dress is made of washed, soft cloud linen flannel cloth. The drawstring neckline can be worn as a wide boat neck or pulled tight to create soft gathers. Mature’s straw hat is perfect for the beach because it collapses and can easily be thrown into your beach bag. The Boro Bag by Dosa fits all your beach essentials and the nylon lining keeps it protected from sand and water. It’s patchwork pattern of railroad stripe cotton rounds out this natural beach look.
We love light layers at the beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go with a dark color palette, all black is a chic beach look. Album di Famiglia Linen Tunic is a light and easy cover up. When the beach gets breezy, wrap yourself in a Denis Colomb feather light cashmere scarf. The Walk Time straw hat by Scha is loosely woven so your head stays cool while shading you from the sun. We are thrilled about the ilias LALAoUNIS collaboration with Ancient Greek Sandals, the Alcyone lace-up is a favorite. Arts & Science makes a light weight leather tote, perfect for an alternative beach day look.


What’s in our tote? Dosa makes an oversized pompom edge towel in handspun cotton. Beach reading doesn’t get better than Brutal Magazine. And of course we have all the best beauty products to protect your skin while giving it a summer glow. Suzanne Kaufman’s sun screen and rose body oil protect and moisturize your skin all over. The Deo Stick is an all natural way to stay fresh in the heat! Keep your hair from drying out with Rodins Recine Luxury Hair Oil and protect lips with the Lip Balm. All these beach essentials are easily packed into the Arts & Science Linen Tote. 
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