Pippa Small Trunk Show at TIINA the STORE

We're thrilled to welcome Pippa Small back to TIINA the STORE for her second trunk show. She will be at the store this Friday and Saturday, August 12th -13th  to present her latest work. Please let us know if you'd like to make an appointment for a private viewing.
London-based jewellery designer Pippa has worked for more than 20 years to pioneer a style of jewellery that respects the shape of the stones she uses. She works around their natural contours, rather than cutting, polishing and reworking them. It is this determination to retain the natural organic feel to her jewellery that sets her apart from others.
We love Pippa's unique pieces that each carry their own story from the origin of the stones to the settings created by the craftsmen. Our personal favorites are her opals, tanzanites and labradorites. These are true modern talismans.
"I believe that the art of jewellery making can enhance life, create opportunities, protect precious traditions, grow the confidence of craftspeople around the world and reverse the tradition of exploitation associated with the gem industry over the centuries" says Pippa.

Please come and see all of her unique pieces at our Amagansett store.