Suzusan at Tiina the Store

Suzusan is the latest addition to Tiina the Store. Designer Hirouki Murase has taken the family business of traditional Japanese shibori dyeing, a craft that has seen a decline over the past few decades, and given it new life. His family has been refining the shibori technique for over 100 years, and now Murase is combining his respect for the past with his vision for the future.
In the Japanese town of Arimatsu, artisans gather as they have for decades, working with incredible skill and speed as they fold, twist, knot, stitch and bind fabric to prepare it for dying. There are an infinite number of ways the fabric can be manipulated and each way results in a very different pattern. True shibori dying can never be mass produced, which means each garment is made by hand and one of a kind.


“To create something is fun for me. My entire childhood, I was surrounded by Shibori artisans. Whenever I would visit their workshops, they let me play with their tools while watching them work. …20 years later, I work with the same tools, some of them given to me by the artisans I spent my childhood around. Countless fingerprints mark the old tools, reminding me of them and the values they stand for.” – Hirouki Murase


Shibori was traditionally used for Kimonos, but Murase is updating the look with contemporary silhouettes. The choice of cashmere and sheer silks is an innovative approach. Tiina the Store carries a beautiful selection of cashmere sweaters, cardigans and shawls in shades of blue, black and red. A classic cotton shirt features Makiage Shibori down the center front, transforming it into a statement piece. The incredible vibrancy of color in these hand dyed pieces is stunning, almost as if the fabric is glowing.


This video shows the incredible craftsmanship of the women and men that make these exquisite pieces.
  “I used to think there were 4 elements to creating something. The first being skill, then knowledge, experience and finally a sense of beauty. Not until later in life did I realize there was a fifth element: “love”. – Hirouki Murase
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