Seeing RED at TIINA the STORE

-by Caroline Mason

Casting an eye away from the typical palette of blues and neutrals for TIINA the STORE's 6th season, red, a color historically associated with power and passion, takes center stage. This summer, billowing dresses, oversized totes and cashmere sweaters in all shades of rouge have captured the imagination. Illustrious brands such as The Elder Statesman, Toogood, and Suzusan have all incorporated shades of crimson into their summer 2017 collections.
Red has long been perceived as a color of significance acting as an emblem for men, women, and cultures alike. For example, in traditional Chinese culture it is known as a widespread symbol of good luck and happiness. For this reason, the color plays a vital role in many wedding ceremonies wishing couples prosperity, fertility and long lasting love. Red is also widely recognized as being indicative of good health. Certain areas of Central Africa will actually paint the bodies of the sick with red paint as a healing ritual.


Toogood’s 006 Collection served as the starting point for TIINA’s new color story. The collection evokes dreams of a bucolic pastoral life easily re-imagined for contemporary city living. Toogood’s exquisite shades of red: Tractor, Rhubarb, and Barn are available in everything from The Cheesemonger Dress to The Acrobat Trousers. These pieces are on display at THE BARN by TOOGOOD at TIINA the STORE, an installation that debuted at the store in May. TIINA has also partnered with The Elder Statesman and Ancient Greek Sandals on selecting an exciting variety of custom reds that will be sold exclusively at TIINA the STORE.
Excitable, fiery, and rebellious… The unifying theme of these emotions is that each requires passion, a necessary life force of which is (red) blood. Cheeks glow with a healthy red wine blush and lips become redder when excited- a natural feature amplified by Rodin’s tomato-red lipsticks and liners. Paired with Bespoken’s ruby necklaces, there’s no way to be a dispassionate viewer of these daring and elegant looks.

There’s a vibrant quality to these clothes; timeless silhouettes such as Daniela Gregis’s circular dress, Toogood’s lightweight scarf, and pairs of Ancient Greek Sandals pack an added punch when infused with various shades of fuchsia and red. Universally known as the color of warning, red has been proven to grab the most immediate reaction from viewers. While maybe not literally aiming to stop traffic, you will be sure to turn heads in any of these pieces.
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