An Interview With Christina Kim of dosa

An interview with Christina Kim of dosa, June 2021 (Transcribed from a phone conversation).

The way Christina discusses her approach and process, while positioning herself as the client of her work is truly beautiful and romantic, from her inspiring encounters and stories to her thoughtful process and creation. Speaking to Christina and hearing about these often unknown or hidden aspects to her work has highlighted another layer of and allowed for a new experience with dosa and Christina’s work. 

The design and creation of pieces seem intrinsically linked – with some of the designs and concepts informed by the formation of creation and fabrication – the skill and making. How do the stories of makers across the world inspire you and form dosa?

“Well you know, I think design can be part of a solution of current climate issues, and one way to really consider, is using less natural resources and employing or utilizing more hand skills to create more work - and it also keeps the tradition going. That’s what I am concerned about and it also allows the skill of hand that I want to keep going and nurturing and you know really honoring it. It seems to be very linked together - and the tradition and the culture.”