Begg & Co

Begg & Co Accessories are made with care by some of the world’s finest weavers. For 150 years, excellence has been the focus of this company. After moving to Ayr, Scotland, from the small town of Paisley, the company invested in cutting-edge machinery that has allowed them to develop new weaving techniques so the scarves and shawls you see today are an exciting addition to any wardrobe. Begg & Co puts an emphasis on maintaining sustainability and is known for paying meticulous attention to quality. You will fall in love with the exquisite texture of our luxury men’s & women’s scarves. Savor the feel of fine cashmere, woven with great skill. These sophisticated products add the perfect touch to your ensemble for any occasion. Treat yourself to a gorgeous scarf and wrap yourself in the unique luxury of artisanal quality fabric. Whether you prefer wispy scarves, fringed stoles or oversized throws, Begg & Co offers the finest in high-end accessories.