Begg & Co

Regardless of the season or the occasion, it is always a good time to wrap yourself in a blanket from Begg and Co. Our current collection contains breathtakingly beautiful items. The selection includes exquisite Rona and Arran cashmere throws, a comfortable, patterned Valatzu junction throw, and a beautiful Tawny abstract throw. These all come in calming, blue tones, with Rona offering indigo and marine options, Arran displaying a dark, midnight hue, Valatzu showing a navy background with light gray squares, and Tawny presenting a simple and vibrant Klein blue. All blankets from our selection are undeniably soft and comfortable, and many can serve as great, lightweight travel blankets, perfect for long car rides, plane trips, or train excursions. Some can even double as a toss-around scarf, and others are completely geometrically reversible. Our entire inventory is delicately crafted with the utmost care to ensure materials of the best quality. Place an order for one of our lovely, luxurious, lavish blankets today.