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Produced in Florence, Italy since 2000, Boboutic Coats & Jackets are uniquely innovative takes on contemporary outerwear. The luxury knitwear company has a long-standing reputation for the artistic flair of fashion designers Michel Bergamo and Christina Zamagni as a reflection of everyday experience. With an emphasis on high-quality production and the use of knits as a versatile medium for artistic expression, the fashion house pulls on elements of geometry and uses the natural beauty of high-quality yarn in every Boboutic Knit Coat to find beauty in the everyday utility of outerwear. With unique plays on geometrical patterns and avant-garde shapes, Boboutic Jackets are a unique blend of art and style. Each collection is created purposefully and luxuriously with high-end materials to bring a fresh new look to Italian fashion, and each piece serves as an innovative work of art, pushing the boundaries of traditional style with unique materials.