Since 2000, the Boboutic fashion house has created uniquely innovative takes on contemporary fashion. The luxury knitwear company based in Florence, Italy and boasts the artistic flair of fashion designers Michel Bergamo, Christina Zamagni, and Niccolò Magrelli behind avant-garde Boboutic dresses and outerwear. With an emphasis on high-quality materials and artistic expression through the versatile use of knit materials, Boboutic Belted Coat Dresses from the fashion house use simple, clean lines and unexpected shapes to create a unique spin on Italian fashion. A contemporary blend of art and style, Boboutic Sleeveless Dresses are invigoratingly simple in the often over-materialistic world of fashion. Each collection is designed purposefully for luxurious quality with high-end materials, while each piece serves as an innovative work of art, consistently pushing the boundaries of traditional Italian style. Traditional knit-and-stitch techniques combined with beautiful fabrics stand out as an aesthetically pleasing standard for luxury knitwear.