The Boboutic fashion house was founded in 2000 by fashion designers Michel Bergamo and Christina Zamagni, and later joined by and Niccolò Magrelli. As a luxury niche knitwear company established in Florence, Italy, Boboutic Pants are just a small part of the uniquely artistic collections of the art-based fashion house. With an emphasis on high-quality materials and artistic expression through the versatile use of knit materials, Boboutic knit pants from the fashion house blend simple lines and colors with unexpected shapes to create a unique spin on Italian fashion that truly stands out in a crowd or on the runway. As a contemporary blend of art and style, Boboutic Pants are invigoratingly simple in production, with an emphasis on showcasing the beauty and quality of the knit materials. Each collection is designed purposefully to combine the luxurious quality of high-end materials, traditional knit-and-stitch techniques, and cutting-edge innovative art to consistently push the boundaries of traditional Italian style.