Founded in 2000, the luxury niche knitwear company Boboutic produces unique pieces that add an element of visual art to any outfit, on or off the runway. Based out of Florence, Italy, Boboutic boasts the artistic flair of fashion designers Christina Zamagni, Michel Bergamo, and Niccolò Magrelli. With an emphasis on the natural beauty and versatility of high-quality knit materials, the Boboutic Tops, such as the Boboutic Cropped Hoodie are just two pieces that express simple, casual luxury using clean lines and simple styles to put an innovative spin on Italian fashion. With each collection purposefully designed for chic and comfortable luxury, each piece serves as an innovative work of art doubling as functional clothing and constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional Italian style. Unexpected shapes in the lightweight structure of pieces such as the Boboutic Oversized T-Shirt show off the truly beautiful fabric in a unique way, and cutting-edge production methods combined with high-quality fabrics make each piece truly stand out.