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Adolph Gottlieb: Classic Paintings

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Adolph Gottlieb, a leader of the New York School and seminal force in abstraction. This volume features over 20 large-scale paintings created by Adolph Gottlieb from the mid-1950s until his death in 1974. While at first seemingly simple, the motifs served as vibrant territory for Gottlieb to experiment in color theory, asymmetrical compositions, and innovative painting techniques, and to extend the emotional impact of abstraction. Never prescriptive and always dedicated to the individualized, experiential power of art. "I attach a great deal of importance to the thought process and a kind of intellectual approach to painting; and I can't separate them. I can't compartmentalize and break down...because the whole effort of my work is to make a synthesis of all these things. In other words, to get a totality of my experience, which is emotional, irrational and also thoughtful."


72 pages. 9.5" W x 11.8" H