"There’s nothing like a good set of designer pillows to bring a little life into a bedroom or living room. These simple additions can add a dash of color, an interesting pattern or another special, personalized touch into any space in your home. The Marimekko pillows we offer come in a variety of bold, neutral tones that blend in with practically any décor choice, and provide any space with a unique and noteworthy twist. Our Klaus Haapaniemi pillows, on the other hand, are designed to stand out and make a bold statement. Starring a variety of wild creatures, bold colors and exotic patterns, these pillows are bound to add a seamless dash of vivid life to your existing décor. Regardless of which pillow you happen to choose, you can always rest assured you’re getting nothing but the highest quality when you order from us, and that your home’s décor is going to look its absolute best."