When it comes to a men's designer long sleeve tee, not all products are created equal. You can't get a show-stopping light cotton sweater from just any fashion label. As a fashion-forward guy, you need something that is on the cutting edge of style yet offers some comfort. Our men's designer tops and shirts collection may have exactly what you are looking for in a tee because we have a great selection of tops from some of our favorite designers. You can find nautical-inspired striped shirts from Arpenteur, eye-catching button-down men's shirts from Salvatore Piccolo and business-ready tops from 1.61. Whether you need a shirt for a night out with the guys, a day on the boat or a weekend retreat for work, you can get exactly what you need for your closet from us. Because the landscape of fashion can change frequently, our offerings are updated regularly. Be sure to check back to see what's new in men's designer long sleeve tees!
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