Perfumer H

Founded in 2015 by London-based perfumer Lyn Harris, Perfumer H Beauty fills a unique niche in the fragrance industry, offering bespoke fragrances as well as unique, seasonal versions of world-class scents. A true marvel of olfactory experience, the fragrance house finds inspiration in individuality and understated elegance. From the woodsy mystery of Perfumer H Angelica Eau de Parfum to the earthy fougère of Perfumer H Vetiver Eau de Parfum, each hand-blown colored glass bottle is handcrafted and engraved by famous glassmaker Michael Ruh. The epitome of luxury, the fragrances of Perfumer H are an expression of appreciation for the gifts of nature. Some fragrances like Perfumer H Angelica Eau de Parfum hint at a blend of citrus and floral herbs, while others like Perfumer H Vetiver Eau de Parfum carry the muskiness of moss and vetiver grass. With a unique blend of sensory delight in every bottle, Perfumer H has perfected individuality in a bottle.