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White Smoke Eau de Parfum

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Perfumer H White Smoke Eau de Parfum with Hand Blown Bottle. Ethereal white smoke fused with chamomile, orris absolute, geranium and saffron resting on a base of smoldering woods; agar, patchouli, tobacco, sandalwood and finally warmed with enjoin resin, white musks, vanilla and amber to make this oriental masterpiece. Unique hand blown and engraved glass bottle. Glass bottle with perfume. Comes with 2 travel size refillable spray bottles in a felt pouch, funnel and pipette. Packed in Perfumer H gift box. Made in UK.


Perfumer H is the latest creation of Lyn Harris, a renowned perfumer based in London. After studying and working in Paris and Grasse, France Harris founded her own fragrance house Miller Harris in 2000, leaving in 2013. At Perfumer H, since 2015, she pursues her desire to create beautiful fragrances that combine the materials and the magic of science that lead to olfactory landscapes that represent individuality and touch you within. Today she’s considered one of the most respected perfumers in the world. We’re thrilled to be the first store in the US to introduce her products to our customers.