There is much more to owning a Suzusan shawl than one might realize at first browse. This 100-year-old family-owned company based out of Arimatsu, Japan, specializes in shibori, a traditional manual cloth dyeing craft. The process typically involves expertly folding, binding, twisting, compressing and folding the cloth in very specific ways while dyeing it to produce the desired pattern or effect. It’s an art form that has changed very little since its inception—the first known shibori fabric was created in 8th century Japan. As such, Suzusan accessories make a wonderful addition to your wardrobe, or an exceptionally thoughtful gift. Each shawl is one-of-a-kind and has a unique shibori pattern due to the requirements of the dyeing process. Their patterns range from traditional to modern; materials include wool, cashmere, and cotton. Colors are rich with pigment and include navy blue, crimson, black, grey and white. Shawls are a truly seasonless accessory. You’ll find yourself returning to enjoy your Suzusan over and over again throughout the year, for decades to come.