Tabletop / Kitchen

"Aim to impress at your next dinner party by using one of our beautiful dinnerware collections to serve your masterfully-cooked meal on. 1882Ltd. Combines ceramic-crafting heritage and traditional techniques to create authentic products such as platters, plates, cups, jugs and ceramic bowls that really capture a rustic essence. The marbling in the material and the hand-carved design of others sets this collection apart as something truly unique and noteworthy. Iittala, a brand known for its luxurious home goods creations, also offers two ceramic collections, known as the Teema collection and the Taika series. The first is a simple yet lovely set, while the latter designed by Klaus Haapaniemi features bold patterns, woodland creatures and interesting colors to make a statement. These collections include bowls, plates, pitchers, teapots, mugs and more. However, those who are less fond of ceramic may find the Kastehelmi collection much more to their liking. This series introduces clear, glass platters, bowls and pitchers that present a classy, elegant touch to any setting. Iittala even offers a set of modern spoons to complete these sets."