When it's cool out, you may think of a women's scarf as a necessity. However, this wardrobe staple can serve an important purpose even when the weather is nice! It can make you look stylish. Our women's designer accessories collection has shawls, hats, socks, scarves and so much more to help keep you looking good no matter what the weather is like outside. Enjoy the wide selection of luxuriously soft cashmere scarves from Begg & Co., stylishly patterned shawls from Suzusan and simply elegant stoles from Arts & Science. This collection also boasts various cashmere products including stylish handkerchiefs, cozy hats, fashionable caps, fingerless gloves, thigh-high socks and sophisticated neck warmers from The Elder Statesman. Don't forget to check out the various scarves and shawls from Denis Colomb and Dosa as well as the must-have hats from SCHA and Mature Ha. The products in this collection may change often, so be sure to check back.