Keep warm with these artisan Wommelsdorff accessories. Each of these knitted products is 100% cashmere, made with top quality yarn that has a luxurious feel. The products are hand knitted in Berlin by experts, giving them the rare quality that comes with handmade items. A skillful human touch sets these pieces apart from the machine-made items that fill most stores. Wommelsdorff accessories are made in small batches, meaning each product is a limited release. Bring luxury to even cold, drab days with these handcrafted cashmere items. Choose a Wommelsdorff scarf from the two toned options, all of which feature Berlin Blue. Tomato, black and bordeaux all add contrast to the intense blue and give a unique look to each available color scheme. The ribbed edges prevent raveling and add detail to this minimalist scarf design. Hats provide plenty of warmth and style, so try a chunky Wommelsdorff beanie on a cold day. Both the rib knit and folded cuff bring a rustic charm to this dense, cozy headwear.