1.61 was founded in 2014 in NYC by Kimberly Wesson and Aimee Cho. Named after the golden ratio, this unisex line is inspired by utilitarian and workwear with a foundation on easygoing pants and shirts. Emphasis on fit, washes and dyes create a broken-in look and feel unique to this made in New York line.

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In 1882 the Johnson Brothers began producing ceramics in the heart of the Stoke-on-Trent Potteries in England. 1882 Ltd was formed in 2011 by fifth generationEmily Johnson and her father Christopher, who has worked in the industry since 1958. The line combines inventively designed ceramics with the manufacturing heritage. Indigo Storm collection is Faye Toogood’s reinterpretation of traditional creamware. Fine earthenware offset with a rich, deep indigo blue pattern.

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32 Paradis

32 Paradis is the offspring of the Parisian label Sprung Freres which has created luxury furs since four generations. Driven by the innovative vision of its creator Valentine Dufour the line renews the classics with androgynous silhouettes, modern mix of textures and materials and uncompromising quality.

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Dating back to 1954, Aarikka is a Finnish family owned business specializing in unique design in wood, with products ranging from jewelry to tabletop to decorative settings. The story of Kaija Aarikka began when she couldn't find any buttons to go with a dress she designed, so she made them herself. From there, she slowly created additional product categories, all featuring bold elements and shapes inspired by nature.

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Album di Famiglia

Album di Famiglia designer Monica Rusconi creates her exclusive, minimalist clothing line produced in small workshops in her native Northern Italy. The brand is famous for it’s highest quality fabrics and simple silhouettes in muted color palate of mostly black and white. The baby and children’s collection follows the same rules of comfort and luxury. Album di Famiglia is the perfect foundation for a relaxed, cozy wardrobe.

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Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals designer Christina Martini and business partner Nikolas Minoglou have gone back to their roots to create their collection inspired by the gods and goddesses of the Greek mythology and its rich pottery, jewelry and sculpture. With her background at major fashion houses in Paris, Christina is able to infuse her inspiration to each design while giving them a contemporary and fresh look.

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A.B or ApuntoB is designed by Barbara Garofalo in Rome, Italy. She studied fashion design at the Academia di Costume e Moda in Rome where she acquired solid technical and cultural skills. The collection is based on those skills with a goal to produce timeless pieces that embrace simplicity. Each season is a study in shape, fabric and detail with the ultimate goal of effortless style and function. “The goal is not to dress, but to live”. We couldn’t agree more! 

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Arc'Teryx Veilance

Arc'Teryx Veilance Performance Menswear is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The company has its' foundation as the leading innovator in climbing gear, backpacks and weatherproof outerwear. Veilance applies the same knowledge, technology and skills with truly modern design to meet the challenges of the urban environment.

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Army by Yves Salomon

Yves Salomon is a renowned furrier founded in Paris in the 1920’s. Today the fourth generation family owned company continues to be at the forefront of innovation and new techniques. The Army by Yves Salomon collection is a unique mix of military inspired parkas and luxurious fur. These parkas are the ultimate casual luxury that keep you warm and stylish even in the coldest winter weather.

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Founded in 2011 in Lyon, France by Laurent Bourven and Marc Asseily. Arpenteur makes useful garments for everyday wear using traditional and local materials and fabrication methods. The clothing stands out with its’ distinctive style and quality based on work and activewear. Arpenteur breaths new life into classic French style.

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Artek was founded In 1935 by four young idealists, Alvar Aalto and his wife Aino, Maire Gullichsen and Nils-Gustav Hahl. The idea of the company was "to sell furniture and promote a modern culture of habitation by exhibitions and other educational means". The founders of Artek advocated a new kind of environment for everyday life. Today Artek is renowned as being one of the most innovative contributors to modern design, building on the heritage of Alvar Aalto.

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Arts & Science

Arts & Science was founded by Sonya Park in Tokyo, Japan in 2003. Its concept is lifestyle as a whole with fashion as one important essence: To Wear, To Dwell, To Eat. Sonya believes that fashion is a "tool" in daily life rather than a "tool" for vanity. Her work is based on "genuine quality" that gains in value and beauty with age and time. The shapes are inspired by men's, vintage, work and ethnic wear. High-quality and beautifully aging materials combined with highly skilled craftwork of Japanese artisans produce this unique line that is truly modern luxury.

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Bergfabel founder Klaus Plank creates clothing inspired by his origins in South Tyrol in northern Italy. He uses traditional fabrics and styles yet gives the shapes a modern, non-vintage feel. The clothing has an authentic and timeless feel with attention to artisanal production and hand finished details. Each garment comes with its’ signature lavender pouch picked from the designer’s mother’s garden.

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Blackcreek Mercantile

Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. was founded by Joshua Vogel in Kingston, New York as a way to explore small scale product design and manufacturing, and to reconnect himself with the practice and idea of handmade goods. His goal of his work is to create enduring, beautiful and functional objects and to connect their customers directly to the essence of the work. All products are lovingly handmade at their workshop.

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Brahms Mount

For 30 years, Brahms Mount has created beautiful, comfortable fabrics and textiles with a signature design based on classical, traditional elements. The Maine-based company produces blankets, pillows, linens and accessories specially engineered with yarn spun and woven on antique shuttle looms and handled by seasoned artisans. Transcending short-lived fashion trends, these textiles complement every décor, making a distinctive impression in and around the home.

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Brita Sweden

Brita Sweden is a family run company that designs and produces high quality plastic rugs and home textiles out of recycled and non-toxic materials. With a belief in durable design, every item is designed to brighten up the home and produced by carefully chosen suppliers throughout Sweden, Finland and Portugal.

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Casey Casey

Casey Casey is designed by Gareth Casey in Paris, France. The collection is based on the idea of timeless, comfortable, relaxed and functional clothing. Think of your favorite piece of clothing that you’ve worn to shreds but still can’t bear to get rid of. Casey Casey has made that garment new, adding patina with dying and laundering. All pieces are made in France using the finest fabrics with emphasis on hand-finishing. This is our new favorite collection!

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Comme des Garçons PLAY

Comme des Garçons was established in Tokyo by Rei Kawakubo in 1969. It started as a women's clothing line and has since become a multifaceted cult brand comprised of men's and womenswear, accessories and perfume.

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Comme des Garçons SHIRT

Comme des Garçons was established in Tokyo by Rei Kawakubo in 1969. It started as a women's clothing line and has since become a multifaceted cult brand comprised of men's and womenswear, accessories and perfume. Rei Kawakubo's unique vision is reflected in this cool collection of men's wardrobe basics with a twist, cool enough for girls.

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Comme des Garçons WALLET

Comme des Garçons was established in Tokyo by Rei Kawakubo in 1969. It started as a women's clothing line and has since become a multifaceted cult brand comprised of men's and womenswear, accessories and perfume. Rei Kawakubo's unique vision is reflected in this cool collection of wallets, cases and pouches.

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Founded in LA by Susie Crippen, former creative director of J Brand. The collection was born from Susie's desire to create clothing that defies trends and seasons. Everything is based on classic shapes that have been given a fresh yet precise point of view. The look is timeless, cool and relaxed. This is literally the perfect wardrobe!

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Daniela Gregis

Daniela Gregis founded her own label in 1997 in Bergamo, Italy. Her unique work is based on passion for authenticity and simplicity combined with an artistic soul. High-quality, beautifully aging materials combined with highly skilled craftwork produce this line that is truly modern luxury. We're thrilled to have the collection at TIINA the STORE. Please contact us for more information.

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Denis Colomb

Founded in 2004 by French architect and designer Denis Colomb and his wife, photographer Erica Lennard, Denis Colomb Lifestyle is a collection of ultra-luxurious hand woven cashmere fashion and home accessories. The line includes blankets, scarves, throws, and knitwear of impeccable quality and Nepalese craftsmanship, guided by Colomb's philosophy of comfort and sensuality.

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Dosa designer Christina Kim creates clothing and home textiles inspired by handcrafted materials and traditional textile techniques. Kim created the Dosa label after moving to the United States from Seoul, South Korea and continues to work with textile makers around the world in helping keep their indigenous craft alive. As a thinker, maker, entrepreneur, artist, and social activist, Kim incorporates a sense of humanity into her clothing design and production process.

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The Elder Statesman

The Elder Statesman was established in Los Angeles in 2007 by Greg Chait and caught the fashion industry by storm when it won top prize at the 2012 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. This artisanal unisex clothing and home textile brand specializes in knits, outerwear and accessories made of the finest of cashmeres and luxurious materials with a relaxed West Coast attitude. True modern luxury.

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FEIT, a neoluxury footwear and accessories company, was founded by Australian brothers Tull & Josh Price in New York City in 2005. All FEIT products are handmade in limited volumes to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum quality. Most FEIT shoes are constructed from one piece of leather. The resulting absence of seams ensures comfort and allows the shoe to naturally shape to the foot. Each pair of shoes is signed and dated on the inside of the tongue by the master craftsmen who built it.


Harris Wharf London

Harris Wharf London is a family business founded by two siblings Aldo and Giulia Acchiardi in London in 2009. The collection is produced in their grandfather’s glove-making factory in Turin, Italy. All Harris Wharf London coats and blazers are made from Italian felted wools and cashmeres with their signature raw edges and unlined finishing that give the collection a youthful take on traditional tailoring.

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Hope is a Swedish fashion label created by the designers Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg in Stockholm, in 2002. Their signature style is low key, raw and authentic and it draws inspiration from traditional men's work wear and vintage uniforms. The clean silhouette with its innovative cut lines creates a well dressed yet relaxed look. The fabrics are chosen not only for their quality but also the way they age with use. Interesting surfaces, used finishings and innovative treatments are signature Hope elements. In 10 years the brand has built a cult following all around the world especially for their impeccably cut pants and outerwear.

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Ihanna Home is an Icelandic design company that produces home accessories with playful yet functional sculptural aesthetics. Ihanna is founded by designer Ingibjörg Hanna Bjarnadóttir. She runs her studio in Reykjavik, Iceland. Their Krummi birds and other products combine the spirit of the Icelandic mythology and the clean Scandinavian design. All products are made in Europe.

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What started as a glass factory in Iittala, Finland in 1881 now celebrates generations of essential objects made to enrich the everyday. Iittala creates exquisite glassware, tabletop and home items that are distinctive, combinable and multi-functional, with lasting design that allows for individual use and expression. The philosophy of Iittala's Scandinavian design heroes, Kaj Franck and Alvar Aalto still inspires the firm to create timeless design and modern collections of products for living, dining and decorating.

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Isaac Reina

Isaac Reina founded his own brand in Paris in 2006 after working at Hermes for seven years. His niche luxury brand produces a unique line of bags and small leather goods. The esthetic is firmly rooted in Reina’s passion for architecture, which he studied in his native Barcelona. His sense of craftsmanship and use of supple leather lends them a soft and human quality.

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Klässbols was founded in 1920 in Sweden, a family owned business run today by third and fourth generation Johansson. The company specializes in 100% linen products from tablecloths to napkins, towels etc. Their unique beauty and quality has made them a household name at the Nobel banquet, the Swedish Royal family as well as homes across Scandinavia.

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Klaus Haapaniemi

Finnish artist Klaus Haapaniemi and designer Mia Wallenius co-founded their design studio in London in 2010, with an aesthetic approach influenced by nature, Finnish folklore, fantasy and traditional decorative arts with a modern twist. With a focus on the Klaus Haapaniemi textile collection, the pair works in furniture, fashion, books, and curates events and exhibitions, often collaborating with other studios to create limited edition design pieces.

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Knitbrary designers Yolanda Estévez and Pedro Castellanos travel the world selecting the best and purest fibers. Their traditional approach to manufacturing on a small scale and with local artisans makes each piece unique. Superior materials and elegant proportions give these handcrafted sweaters an enduring and timeless beauty. Each sweater is numbered as a part of a limited edition. Knitbrary is true slow luxury.

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Le Gramme

Le Gramme was founded by Adrien Messié and Erwan Le Louër in Paris. The collection is made out of recycled 925 sterling silver. Each bracelet is defined by its density and proportions and named after its precise weight: 7/15/21/33/41 grams. The bracelets are polished by hand and a coating is applied to obtain a protective layer. Each bracelet is marked with the stamp of the master craftsman and numbered, rendering each creation unique.

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Le Labo

Le Labo founders Edouard Roschi and Fabrice Penot first bonded over a shared passion for fragrance and traveled the world to work with masters in scent. They eventually settled in downtown New York, where Le Labo's inspired collection of fragrances is individually made to order, hand blended and bottled in its own perfume lab. Fast gaining a cult following, Le Labo also launched a range of fragrant candles, which creates an idyllic sensorial experience within the home.

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Lena Rewell

Since 1963 the name Lena Rewell has been synonymous with exclusive, handmade mohair blankets in luxurious, colorful hues. Having grown up with a father who managed an important spinning wool mill, the designer set out to create these signature items over 40 years ago in a small studio in Tampere, Finland and soon became famous for her hand-woven travel plaids. Today Lena continues to produce her divine blankets in her unique colors.

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Liwan is a the result of a collaboration between three multi-cultural creative women. The designer, Lina Audi is Lebanese, as is Dina Haidar who runs their magical Paris store with Swedish colleague Christine Bergstrom. Their vision, taste and style has created a unique world and a niche lifestyle brand that includes everything from clothing to household items with an emphasis on artisanal, handmade luxury.

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Magisso calls itself a Finnish Design Movement. Founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2008 with a burning passion to make meaningful design. Over 20 design awards later Magisso is still driven by the same desire to solve problems and create beautiful designs based on Finnish values of form and function.

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Majamoo is a Finnish design company that produces timeless quality tableware and accessories for everyday use. Products include items made from birch plywood, such as cutlery holders, desk tidies and pot stands that feature the company developed, unique Seamless Wood Technology.

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Designed by Makié Yahagi, Makié is children's clothing for the most discerning of tastes. Quietly elegant and designed with structured, tailored details, Makié creates boys and girls separates and outerwear complete with care, simplicity and a Japanese aesthetic of symmetrical detail and clean, fluid lines.

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Maria Rudman

Maria Rudman is based in Paris from where she designs her beautiful and unique pieces based on the rich cultural history and tradition of the Sami in her native Sweden. The bracelets are handmade in the traditional technique using reindeer leather and horn embellished with silver and pewter. Each piece becomes more beautiful with age.


Marimekko was founded in Finland in 1951 by Armi and Viljo Ratia. The company was born from Armi's desire to offer unique, long-lasting and beautiful products. More than just a name brand, Marimekko represents the desire for a modern lifestyle that is in harmony with the natural environment. The brand has become world famous for its bright and bold textile designs that are translated into everything from clothing to interior design items.

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Mature Ha

Mature Ha is a Japanese hat brand based in Kobe. The concept is for people to enjoy wearing hats and to take hats into their everyday life. The focus is on materials and comfort. The simple shapes can be changed freely to express the wearer’s personality and mood.

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Olatz Schnabel began designing a line of linens out of her own interior design needs. This lead to her line of luxurious silk pajamas and robes. The collection uses both classic and unusual color combinations and luxurious materials. The latest addition is the silk shirt with its pajama details in a fitted, feminine shape. Timeless, sensual elegance.

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Pippa Small

London based jeweler Pippa Small has worked for more than 20 years to pioneer her unique, organic style of jewelry. Her pieces respect the natural shape of the stones she uses by working around their natural contours, rather than cutting, polishing and reworking them. Pippa has aso worked closely with indigenous, tribal and traditional crafts people to develop lines of jewelry that draw on their traditions. Her pieces are true modern talismans.

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Povl Kjaer

Povl Kjaer rocking sheeps are made using the best sheepskin from Iceland and New Zealand. The wooden parts are individually carved in Kjaer's studio in Denmark. Comes in black with long hair and in white with long and short hair. Made in Denmark.

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Raphaele Canot

Raphaele Canot, a Parisian by birth, now living in London has created her own precious yet youthful line of jewelry after years of working at Cartier and De Beers. From there, Raphaele derived her philosophy: her jewelry must be timeless and beautiful, with a strong sense of wit. These modern diamond pieces integrate seamlessly into a woman's jewelry wardrobe, adding a dash of supplemental style to her daily look.

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Raquel Allegra

Raquel Allegra is the ultimate cool California girl. Born in Berkley, CA and after a career in fashion at Barneys NY, she launched her line in Los Angeles in 2008. Starting with reconstructed t-shirts from LA County Prison System Raquel has developed a complete fashion collection that puts the emphasis on artisanal and handmade techniques such shredding and tie dye. Her informal and unique style has created a loyal following around the world.

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Italian for luxury oil, this beauty collection is a must-have among the international fashion set and consists of five exquisite elixirs for the skin, lips, and hair. Each product is chemical free and features essential oils derived from flowers and other botanicals that are known for their soothing, softening and protective properties. Blended together, they create a synergy that results in suppleness and radiance for face, body, lips, and hair without a fussy, multi-step regimen. The Rodin beauty collection is a 21st century approach to easy luxury for on-the-go women of all ages.

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Salvatore Piccolo

Salvatore Piccolo is world famous for his made to measure, handmade shirts . His new, off-the-rack collection carries all the signature details like hand-sewn button holes, collars and cuffs that make the shirts like no other. The fabrics are always of the highest quality and often custom made for the brand. It takes 6 hours to make each shirt after which they are washed to create the perfect texture and look. The Salvatore Piccolo shirt combines the traditional Neapolitan and the modern artisanal know-how.

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SCHA hats are the creation of Ewa Kulasek, a Polish artist based in Cologne, Germany. Her unique hats are famous for their precise, pared-down appearance. Ewa Kulasek reduces their forms to basic geometrical shapes. In her own words her hats are about beauty, simplicity, reduction and perfection. Smart people for smart hats.



S.N.S. Herning

This iconic knitwear brand was founded in 1931 by Søren Nielsen Skyt in Herning, Denmark. As a young man, Skyt made a living by selling garments he sewed using a special technique of "bobble" patterns to increase insulation. With this technique, he began manufacturing the Fisherman sweater to protect wearers from the rough weather at sea. Today S.N.S. Herning translates those tecniques into a modern, minimal aesthetic with focus on high quality.

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Sofie D'Hoore

Sofie D'Hoore started her line in Antwerp, Belgium in 1992. After training as a dentist D'Hoore realized she was more interested in clothing design and went to study textile engineering in Ghent and design at the Antwerp Academy. She launched her line with the mission to create comfortable, well structured clothes with architectural rigor. The focus is on precise cutting and the highest quality fabrics. The collection is the perfect modern wardrobe.

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Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann’s holistic skincare line has it’s roots at her spa in Bezau in the Bregenz Forest, Austria. The line is based on the knowledge of the healing powers of nature and uses only organic, energy-rich oils and active plant ingredients. The line offers everything necessary for healthy, effective and beneficial body care without using any chemical preservatives, mineral oils or artificial scents.

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Suzusan is designed by Hiroyuki Murase, the oldest son of the Murase family based in Arimatsu Japan. The family business is over 100 years old and specializes in traditional shibori dying craft. The production process has remained practically unchanged throughout the centuries. Suzusan collection was created to both preserve the tradition and to create a new one in a modern context. All products are made by hand and each piece has it’s unique shibori pattern.

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Taken from a line of ancient Chinese philosophy, "From one thing begets the ten thousand things," jewelry brand Tenthousandthings is inspired by the principle of infinite creativity and constant evolution, which has guided designers David Rees and Ron Anderson for over 20 years. Today, the pair continues to create elegant pieces in techniques influenced by abstract shapes and forms in nature. Materials include rare American pearls, unusual sapphire cabochons, black opals, and diamonds in both brilliant white and in unusual colors.

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This Finnish home décor company combines Scandinavian design and Indian handicraft traditions. The word Tikau is Hindi for "sustainable and durable" and its namesake collection features luxurious, hand-processed materials like bamboo, organic cotton, non-dyed wool and cashmere, all sustainable in regards to the environment, quality and aesthetics. In taking a uniquely personal and human approach, Tikau collaborates directly with its 120 artisans in their home villages in India. Each item is hand-made and expresses the individual signature of the artisan who made it.

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Toogood was founded in London in 2013 by sisters Fay and Erica Toogood. Inspired by workwear the collection features highly engineered coats and trousers with sculptural lines and materials with unique surfaces. Each garment derives from the workwear of a specific trade and carries its name. The collection knows no boundaries of age and gender. We're proud to carry the very first collection 001 from this unique new line.

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Two Starboard

This chic jewelry line was launched in 2009 by Laura Mannix Spring, an insider in the film, television and magazine industries who channeled her creative pursuits into a collection inspired by her sanctuary at Two Starboard Lane. It is there that she creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to be worn alone or layered in true Two Starboard style.

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Valextra is a heritage luxury brand founded by Giovanni Fontana in 1937 in Milan, Italy. It specializes in leather products with distinctive shapes and is synonymous with timeless style, innovative design, exquisite craftsmanship and artisanal techniques of supreme quality. Lightweight, graphic and essential, silhouettes derive from the brand's design-led aesthetic. Valextra conveys an ideal of absolute and lasting beauty, devised in every detail as a complex architecture.

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Verso Design

Verso Design was founded in Finland in 1997 by mother and daughter team Kirsikka Savonen and Tuttu Sillanpää. Verso's product range consists of home furnishings and interior design products made of high quality wool felt, wool and other natural fibers. They often draw inspiration from nature and its organic shapes. Function and beauty are key to this fast growing company with its roots in traditional Finnish design.

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Some of our favorite things are no longer in production or are just a one-of unique piece. We are always looking for those items and will bring them to you both at the store and online. Please let us know if you're looking for your own something that we might be able to help you with. Especially anything vintage from Finland. We'll be happy to find it for you!


Japanese Visvim is a true cult brand. Designer Hiroki Nakamura started making shoes in 2001 and later expanded into a full men's ready to wear collection. The women's collection was added in 2013. Visvim trademarks are unique fabric treatments and their sneaker - moccasin hybrid shoes. The collection is inspired by the vintage American Western and classic workwear. The Visvim look combines the traditional and the modern artisanal know-how. In Nakamura's own words Visvim is Future Vintage.

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Wendy Nichol

Wendy Nichol established her label in 2007 with bags, jewelry and hats that are urban, punk-inspired yet exude a Southwestern sensibility of fringe and studding. The focus of this line is on craft and detail. Featured in the softest leather in deep, rich shades, all of Wendy Nichols' items are hand-made in SoHo, New York.

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