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  • Susan Slip Tint
  • Susan Slip Tint

DOSA Susan Slip Tint



Dosa Susan slip in Tint iridescent habutai silk. Beautiful lingerie style shape. Perfect Dosa basic and layering piece. Smooth, lightweight texture. Handmade lace detail. 100% silk. Made in USA.


Dosa designer Christina Kim creates clothing and home textiles inspired by handcrafted materials and traditional textile techniques. Kim created the Dosa label after moving to the United States from Seoul, South Korea and continues to work with textile makers around the world in helping keep their indigenous craft alive. As a thinker, maker, entrepreneur, artist, and social activist, Kim incorporates a sense of humanity into her clothing design and production process. 


1 = S, 2 = M, 3 = L, 4 = XL


Hand wash cold.

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