Perfumer H

Mint Tea Candle

$180.00 180


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Perfumer H Mint Tea Candle. Mint leaves, rosemary and lavender with a heart of geranium resting on a bed of cedar wood and green moss to seal an everlasting memory of drinking Moroccan mint tea under the vibrant blue skies in Marrakesh. Hand blown glass vessel. Hand poured wax and cotton wick. Average burn time 55 hours. Packed in Perfumer H gift box. Made in UK. ALL CANDLE SALES ARE FINAL SALE. NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ARE ACCEPTED.


Perfumer H is the latest creation of Lyn Harris, a renowned perfumer based in London. After studying and working in Paris and Grasse, France Harris founded her own fragrance house Miller Harris in 2000, leaving in 2013. At Perfumer H, since 2015, she pursues her desire to create beautiful fragrances that combine the materials and the magic of science that lead to olfactory landscapes that represent individuality and touch you within. Today she's considered one of the most respected perfumers in the world. We're thrilled to be the first store in the US to introduce her products to our customers.


4" tall, 3.5" wide