Kasa Mignon Blue

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Yali Kasa Mignon in Blue. Crafted by a glass master using a technique involving the layering of crystallography glass to core of intense blue. Once cooled the blown glass body is cut in half, hand carved and polished. The result is a pieces that stands alone as an object d’art or one that can be used as an ashtray or vessel for jewelry. Each piece is unique. Small variations and air bubbles may be seen in the glass. 100% glass. Handmade in Italy.


Yali has its foundation in Marie-Rose Kahane’s passion for glass and design. She began by creating simple drinking glasses for herself and continues her creative journey with each new project. She works and lives in Venice, Italy. The furnace where the glass is created is in Murano where she works with her team of craftsmen, masters of this delicate yet labor intensive process requiring great skill.


4” long, 3.1” wide, 1.6” tall.